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  • Tips for Cleaning Gutters on Your Home

    Gutter cleaning is one of those home or commercial building maintenance chores most people hate to do — but it can't be ignored. Clogs of leaves, dirt, bird nests and other debris will eventually block the water running through the gutter and cause it to overflow, leading to roof leaks and structural damage. Cleaning gutters twice a year — typically in late spring and early fall — will keep them clear and prevent water from backing up.

    Professional gutter cleaning services are available, although you can save money by handling the task yourself. If you choose the latter option, the following useful gutter cleaning tips can make the job easier and safer.

    Roof Cleaning

    Remove leaves and other debris from the roof before cleaning the gutters. Otherwise, the next rain will wash it into the gutters and begin to clog them again. Debris left on the roof can also create water dams that damage HVAC units or lead to roof leaks. Use a rake or power wa

  • Fall Tree Maintenance

    Summer can take a toll on the trees around your property. Extreme heat can weaken trees and increase their vulnerability to storm and insect damage. Fall is a good time to perform some tree maintenance to protect them from the harsh winter that's just around the corner.

    When it comes to fall tree care equipment, Diamond Rental has what you need, when you need it. We've assembled a few useful tree maintenance tips to help prepare your trees for the cold months ahead.

    Trimming Dead Branches

    Most people think of trimming as a way to improve the appearance of a tree, but it also provides essential tree health benefits. By removing dead branches, trimming pr