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  • Construction Team Safety Tips

    Construction sites have a lot of moving parts, people and machines. There are multiple safety concerns that, with the right tools and equipment, everyone can overcome. Keeping your team safe will help you get work done more quickly and prevent accidents and injuries. 

    We gathered our top construction site safety tips for keeping yourself and others safe. Find out how you can use Diamond Rental equipment on your site for enhanced safety. 

    Our Top Tips for Construction Site Safety

    For safety on your construction site, we recommend the following tips: 

    Provide Regular Health and Safety Training


  • Six Fall Home Improvement Projects to Do Before Winter

    Fall is here and winter weather is fast approaching. What better time to complete those home improvement projects and repairs you’ve been putting off?

    Here's our top six indoor and outdoor fall home improvement projects and the tools you'll need to get the job done.

    1. Replace Carpet or Flooring

    Before the holiday season arrives, you may want to replace indoor flooring or carpet or trim existing flooring. You will need a 16-inch circular saw to remove damaged floorboards in your home. Circular saws enable precise cuts and rarely cut into adjoining floorboards. They’re also ideal for correct vision and depth.

  • Tips for Forklift Safety

    Forklifts are essential construction site machinery, but they can also be incredibly dangerous if not operated correctly. According to OSHA estimates, just under 100 construction deaths per year are caused by forklifts — but most if not all of these deaths are preventable. Forklift safety requires that operators take certain measures before, during and after the forklift is in use, and failure to follow these procedures can result in injury or even death.

    Why Is Safety a Big Concern for Forklifts?

    Forklifts are fairly difficult machines to operate, and workers must go through comprehensive training to use them properly. Because forklifts are designed to carry heavy loads on one end, while keeping this load el