EXCAVATOR 8000-10000 LB

EXCAVATOR 8000-10000 LB The Cat® 304E2 CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator delivers efficient performance, durability and versatility in a compact design to help you work in a variety of applications.  This mini hydraulic excavator is beneficial for completing small-scale work. With a C2.4 engine and 40.2 net hp, this construction equipment's versatility will fit both homeowners' and contractors' needs.

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EXCAVATOR 8000-10000 LB The Cat® 304E2 CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator delivers efficient performance, durability and versatility in a compact design to help you work in a variety of applications.


Engine Model Cat® C2.4
Net Power 40.2 HP
Rated Net Power - 2,200 rpm - ISO 9249/EEC 80/1269 40.2 HP
Bore 3.4 in
Displacement 146.0 in³
Stroke 4.0 in
Emissions *Meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IIIA emission standards.
Gross Power - ISO 14396 41.8 HP


Operating Weight 8996.0 lb
Weight - Canopy, Standard Stick 8655.0 lb
Note *Weight includes counterweight, rubber tracks, bucket, operator, full fuel and auxiliary lines.
Weight - Cab, Long Stick 8996.0 lb
Weight - Cab, Standard Stick 8930.0 lb
Weight - Canopy, Long Stick 8721.0 lb


Maximum Traction Force - High Speed 3799.0 lb
Maximum Traction Force - Low Speed 6969.0 lb
Travel Speed - High 3.2 mile/h
Travel Speed - Low 2.1 mile/h
Gradeability - Maximum 30°
Ground Pressure - Cab 4.3 psi
Ground Pressure - Canopy 4.1 psi


Auxiliary Circuit - Primary (186 bar/2,734 psi) 18.5 gal/min
Auxiliary Circuit - Secondary (174 bar/2,524 psi) 6.6 gal/min
Digging Force - Stick - Long 4384.0 lb
Digging Force - Stick - Standard 4856.0 lb
Operating Pressure - Equipment 3553.0 psi
Operating Pressure - Swing 3132.0 psi
Operating Pressure - Travel 3553.0 psi
Pump Flow at 2,200 rpm 26.4 gal/min
Digging Force - Bucket 8498.0 lb
Type Load Sensing Hydraulics with Variable Displacement Piston Pump


Machine Swing Speed 10.0 r/min
Boom Swing - Left - With Stop* 55°
Boom Swing - Left - Without Stop* 70°
Boom Swing - Right 50°
Note *Automatic swing brake, spring applied, hydraulic release.


Width 76.8 in
Height 12.8 in
Dig Depth 18.5 in
Lift Height 15.7 in


Cooling System 1.5 gal (US)
Engine Oil 2.5 gal (US)
Hydraulic Tank 11.2 gal (US)
Fuel Tank 12.2 gal (US)
Hydraulic System 17.2 gal (US)


Boom Height - Shipping Position 58.0 in
Boom In Reach 83.0 in
Boom Swing - Left 26.0 in
Boom Swing - Right 29.0 in
Dig Depth 123.0 in
Maximum Blade Depth 19.0 in
Maximum Blade Height 16.0 in
Maximum Dig Height 196.0 in
Maximum Dump Clearance 141.0 in
Maximum Reach 211.0 in
Maximum Reach - Ground Level 206.0 in
O/A Shipping Height 98.0 in
O/A Shipping Length 190.0 in
O/A Track Width 77.0 in
O/A Undercarriage Length 87.0 in
Swing Bearing - Height 22.0 in
Tail Swing 38.0 in
Track Belt/Shoe Width 14.0 in
Vertical Wall 95.0 in


Blade Down - Front 3462.0 lb
Blade Down - Side 2007.0 lb
Blade Up - Front 1808.0 lb
Blade Up - Side 1808.0 lb


Blade Down - Front 1896.0 lb
Blade Down - Side 1058.0 lb
Blade Up - Front 948.0 lb
Blade Up - Side 948.0 lb


Machine Overhang 0.0 in
Stick Length - Long 64.0 in
Stick Length - Standard 52.0 in

Mini Hydraulic Excavator Rental

A mini hydraulic excavator is useful for people completing small projects. This construction equipment takes up less room and can maneuver into tight spaces. This lightweight machine can move across different terrains, including pavement, while exerting less pressure on the ground. Small excavators are especially useful for homeowners completing renovations or pool installations.

Use mini excavators for anything from renovations to landscaping and tree collection. Their safe and efficient design will be useful for your next construction project.

Get a Mini Excavator From Diamond Rentals Today

Contractors and homeowners looking for a mini hydraulic excavator should try the Cat 304E2. This efficient and versatile construction equipment provides many uses at your project site. Plus, you can relax knowing our team completes an inspection before every rental.

Our service team will help you if something happens to the machine during your rental. We want to ensure you have an enjoyable experience with us — we do this by assigning someone from our team to assist you right away.

We at Diamond Rental have worked for decades to provide Wasatch Front, Utah, with the construction rental equipment it needs. Our 11 convenient locations provide us with the reach to cover a large part of the region. If the item you're looking for isn't available locally, we will move it from another store so you can get to work faster.

To learn more information about our mini hydraulic excavators, please contact us online or call 888-844-4007. One of our knowledgeable staff members will get in touch right away.

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