If you need to dig a trench in a small space, a walk-behind trencher rental is an ideal choice. At Diamond Rental, we provide walk-behind trenchers durably constructed by top manufacturers that can withstand even the toughest conditions. 

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What Is a Walk-Behind Trencher?

Walk-behind trenchers are compact machines used to dig trenches. Because of their size, they work well for smaller jobs that require maneuvering in tight areas. Walk-behind trenchers can dig 12 to 26 inches deep, and most models provide between 12 and 31 horsepower.

There are two types of walk-behind trenchers:

  • Wheel trenchers: These trenchers have a toothed wheel that works best in rocky areas.

  • Chain trenchers: These trenchers have a chainsaw-like design with a chain or digging belt that cuts into the ground. 

Whether you're installing an irrigation system or an invisible dog fence, a walk-behind trencher simplifies the trenching process, saving you hours of work and the backbreaking effort required when digging with just a shovel. 

Tips for Using a Walk-Behind Trencher

To use a walk-behind trencher, the operator stands behind the trencher and pulls it backward while the machine digs the trench. Before you use your trencher, make sure the ground is prepped. Your intended work area also must be free from materials you could trip over or get caught in the machine. 

After you start the trencher, lower the boom arm. Once the arm reaches your desired depth, release the safety lever and start walking backward. Make sure to always pull the trencher toward you rather than push it forward. As you walk backward, look behind you periodically to ensure your path is clear.

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If you're looking for a walk-behind trencher rental, Diamond Rental is a top choice. We have a large inventory of trenchers for rent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Contact us today to speak with our friendly and knowledgeable representatives about your walk-behind trencher needs. 

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