Whether you're working on an exciting home project, addressing damage after a natural disaster or taking on a big contract from an ambitious client, you need the right equipment to get the job done. However, you might not always have the tools you need on hand. After all, you should only have to buy the equipment you use frequently. For one-time tasks that require specialized tools, equipment rental makes for an affordable and convenient choice.

When you're searching for rental equipment, you need to find a company capable of providing quick access to the right equipment for your job. At Diamond Rental, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer exactly what you need, when you need it. We offer equipment and tool rental for construction businesses, contractors and homeowners working on projects of all kinds. Learn more about the advantages of renting equipment from Diamond Rental below.

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An Extensive Equipment Inventory

At Diamond Rental, we have experience serving customers with a variety of project needs. Our customers use rental equipment to tackle everything from excavating the site to landscaping the finished project. In our extensive inventory, you can find tools and equipment suitable for use in just about any project.

Compared to purchasing, equipment rental comes with a number of advantages. When you reserve a piece of equipment from our inventory, you can complete a job without worrying about tool maintenance or storage afterward. You can also gain access to the specialized tools you need without paying the high purchasing price for equipment you may use only once or twice.

We have all the equipment you need for your next project, including:

And a lot more! With a large collection of equipment, we're likely to have what you need in stock. Download a copy of our equipment brochure to see all our equipment rental options.

Convenient Locations in Utah

When you search for "equipment rental near me," you're looking for a company that's close enough to provide excellent service as well as equipment rental. Diamond Rental has 11 equipment stores conveniently located along Utah's Wasatch Front, making it simple for Utah residents to get the equipment and tool rental services they need in a timely manner.

We also have a network of mobile mechanics standing by to help you. If a piece of rented equipment malfunctions and you need service, we can come out to the field to assist you or bring another piece of equipment to swap the old piece out with.

A Friendly Team Available to Assist You

When you choose equipment rental from Diamond Rental, our team will work hard to provide the best possible experience. We prioritize customer service in a way many other rental companies don't. Our team can help you determine what equipment you need to complete a project, and if the equipment you're renting is new to you, we'll make sure you feel comfortable operating it before you leave the store.

Ready to get started on your next project? Request a quote from us today or contact us for more information about our Utah equipment and tool rental.

Multiple Locations

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Download a copy of our brochure outlying all equipment rental options.

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