If you're looking for material handling equipment to move a large number of items in your facility, a warehouse forklift rental is an excellent choice. At Diamond Rental, we have warehouse forklifts available for daily, weekly and monthly rentals.

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Weight 8180 lb
Width 3.5 ft in
Height - mast lowered 7.1 ft in
Length to Fork Face 7.7 ft in
Wheelbase 4.6 ft in
Ground Clearance 4.1 in
Height to Top of Overhead Guard 6.6 ft in
Max Fork Height 10.7 ft in
Mast Tip Forward 6 degrees
Mast Tip Rear 10 degrees
Speed 10.3 mph
Load Capacity 5000 lb
Load Center 23.6 in
Mast Tip Forward 6 degrees
Mast Tip Rear 10 degrees
Lift Speed 120 ft/min 36.6 m/min
Lower Speed 98 ft/min 29.9 m/min
Length to Fork Face 7.7 ft in
Overall Width 3.5 ft in
Overall Height - mast lowered 7.1 ft in
Max Fork Height 10.7 ft in

What Is a Warehouse Forklift?

A warehouse forklift is a compact lift truck typically used to move inventory. It has forks extending from its front, making it ideal for loading and unloading pallets and transporting goods to and from delivery trucks. 

Warehouse forklifts can also handle heavy loads of up to 5,000 pounds. By using your warehouse forklift to move bulky items, you can get more moved in less time with reduced risk to employee and pedestrian safety.

There are two subtypes of warehouse forklifts:

  • Side loader: Side loaders provide sideways operation that is ideal for navigating narrow aisles and lifting long, heavy materials such as pipes and lumber. These forklifts have a sideways operator compartment and move in the direction of the load, making it easy to load and unload racks without having to turn.

  • Counterbalance forklift: This type of forklift has weights in the back to counterbalance the load carried by its forks in the front. If you need to maneuver in a circle, a counterbalance forklift is the best choice. 

Why Rent From Diamond Rental?

Diamond Rental offers an extensive inventory of rental equipment from industry-leading brands, and our knowledgeable, professional staff can help you find the best warehouse forklift rental for your specific requirements. 

With 11 stores conveniently located in Utah's Wasatch Front, we make it quick and easy for you to get the equipment you need. We also take care of any service for the duration of your rental for a stress-free experience. 

For more information about our warehouse forklifts or any other rental equipment, contact us today

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