Heaters & Air

Whether you're working at home, handling an entire job site or looking for a way to control the temperature at your business, you need reliable heat and air solutions fast. Diamond Rental provides everything from heater rentals to floor fans to help you get the most work done, even in less than ideal conditions. Instead of buying a heater you may only need for one job, you can rent from us and get all the benefits of an electric and portable heater without impacting your bottom line. 

Why Rent Heaters and Air Conditioners? 

Do you need to keep a factory cool during the heat of the summer? Or maybe you run a construction company and want to keep working in the winter. An electric heater or a fan will ensure your environment stays the right temperature for your workers. This improves safety, as you don't need to worry about hot or cold weather concerns, and your employees will be more productive. 

Our portable heaters are perfect for special events, as well. After planning extensively for an event, the last thing you want is for cold weather to ruin the day. Our dependable equipment can come anywhere, and our convenient location along the Wasatch Front ensures we can quickly get you the heaters you need. 

Sometimes, emergencies happen, and there's no way for you to effectively heat or cool your building. Whether experiencing planned maintenance or an unexpected breakdown, Diamond Rental can quickly solve your heating and cooling problems. Our electric heaters are great for hospitals, industrial plants, schools, offices, job sites and more. If you're not sure which rental would be best for your application, we can help you find the perfect solution. 

Benefits of Renting

Renting is a great option for companies that need a portable heater for a specific application. If you know you only need a heater for a day or two, you may not want to purchase a unit outright. Instead, you can choose a heater rental from Diamond Rentals at a competitive rate. Once you're done, you can return it without having to worry about reoccurring maintenance costs. 

Our team will ensure the heater rental you choose works and is best for your needs. We can come out for a site visit to recommend the best equipment. Then we'll provide prompt delivery at a price you can trust. You won't need to worry about servicing the equipment, either. We have the parts on hand to fix anything that goes wrong, and we'll provide top-quality maintenance services whenever you need it. 

Work With Diamond Rental Today

You don't need to come to a cold office or job site every day. Rent a portable heater from Diamond Rental and create a comfortable environment with no hassle. Contact us today to learn more or browse our selection of heaters and air products on this page.