Ladders & Scaffolding

At Diamond Rentals, we have the ladders and scaffolding you need for your next commercial or DIY project. Our team works with contractors and homeowners to find the right equipment and tools for the job. Discover our selection of ladders and scaffolding and learn why customers across the Wasatch Front choose us for renting.

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Heavy-Duty Ladder Rentals

Our combination ladders have a hinged design that means you can use them as a step ladder or extension ladder. You can use them for indoor and outdoor projects involving:

  • Painting: Paint high-up elements of your project, such as ceilings.

  • Roofing: Climb up to a roof's surface with a heavy-duty ladder.

  • Siding: Reach every section of siding on a building for proper repairs or installation.

  • Landscaping: Prune high tree branches or harvest fruit.

  • Drywall installation: Hang drywall from wall to ceiling.

  • Ceiling work: Reach ceiling areas in need of repair, replacement or finishing.

  • Construction: Carry the ladder wherever you need to work at a higher elevation.

Ladders suit one- to two-person jobs that don't require extensive work at a high elevation.

Scaffolding Rentals for Home and Commercial Projects

You can use one of our scaffolds for many of the same purposes as our ladders. Scaffolds have more stability than ladders and fit situations that involve extended work in high areas. We rent out Baker scaffolds, scaffolds that feature a narrow frame for ease of use. A Baker scaffold features:

  • An adjustable platform

  • Locking casters

  • Ladder rungs on each side for easy climbing

Both homeowners and professionals use scaffolding for their projects. While contractors tend to use them the most, DIYers can also benefit from a scaffold's stability and versatility.

Convenient and Reliable Customer Service

Allow our customer support team to give you the information you need about our rentals. We work with professionals and homeowners on their level to help them find the option that best fits their project. Our team members can explain a tool or piece of equipment's general purpose or go into its specifications. They can also assist with discovering products that help you better complete your job.

Multiple Locations on the Wasatch Front

We have 11 stores throughout the Wasatch Front that put us within five miles of many homes and businesses. Visit one of our locations today to see our rentals in-person or talk with a team member face-to-face.

Rent Scaffolding and Ladders From Diamond Rental

To learn more about our scaffolding and ladder rentals, contact our team online or call us at 888-844-4007.