Pumps & Hoses

At Diamond Rental, we know that having access to premium materials helps while working on cleaning, business or home improvement projects. As a result, we offer high-caliber pumps and hoses to make your tasks go smoothly. Whether you are draining water from a construction site or pressure washing your home, our tools give you the boost you need when working.

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Pumps and Hoses From Diamond Rental

We can provide a variety of equipment for any task you have. If you are clearing your land after a flood or preparing for construction in a wet area, you can choose from our several sizes of trash pumps. These helpful pieces of equipment combine debris collection and water pumping in one system. We also offer submersible pumps, which can sit underwater for long periods while helping you relocate water.

In addition, we have standard and hot water pressure washers to help you clean your home, asphalt or other materials. Browse our selection of pumps and hoses to find the right product for your purpose. 

Our Convenient Services and Locations

Diamond Rental has helped many individuals find the perfect equipment for their projects. We value customer service above all else and make sure that you get the right tools to streamline your work. 

Some advantages of our rental program include: 

  • Accessible locations: We have 11 facilities across Utah's Wasatch Front. You can pick up and drop off your equipment at your closest supplier.

  • Competitive pricing: We make sure you get a great deal when you rent our products. 

  • Quality service: At Diamond Rental, we want to help you accomplish your goals. We will work with you to make sure you are satisfied. 

  • Flexible times: We have half-day, day, week and even full month rental periods. 

Diamond Rental is your general rental company for equipment and materials. Our experienced staff is here to help you pick the right tools and rental periods for your projects. Discover how easy it is to rent the equipment you need when you work with us. 

Get Your Supplies From Diamond Rental Today

Diamond Rental is here to help contractors and homeowners complete their jobs. With our guidance, you can find, rent and use premium equipment whenever you need it. 

Contact us online or call us at (888) 844-4007 to secure your materials from Diamond Rental.