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1/2 DAY

Unlike a tiller, which is best for larger garden projects, a cultivator allows you to perform more detailed work and break the soil down into a finer mixture. You'll be able to easily maneuver it around the garden and complete your job quickly and efficiently. 

With the help of a cultivator, your plants will receive the nutrients they need so you can enjoy a healthy garden this growing season.

Complete Your Garden Project With a Soil Cultivator Rental

At Diamond Rental, we've been equipping homeowners and contractors with the tools and equipment they need for over 40 years. If you only need to cultivate your soil once or twice a year, renting a cultivator is far more cost-effective than buying a new machine. Our cultivators can be rented for half a day, a full day, a week or a month, giving you plenty of time to finish your garden. 

Best of all, when you rent, you won't have to worry about storing or maintaining your cultivator because we take care of all that for you. Just stop by one of our 11 locations to pick up your rental, or have it delivered right to your home, business or job site. You'll save time and money with our equipment. 

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At Diamond Rental, we don't just provide you with equipment to tackle your project. We have a mobile mechanic crew standing by to meet customers' needs, and our knowledgeable staff is always available whenever you need help. If you have any questions, just fill out our contact form and our team will get back to you.