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Circular Saw Rental

This Makita brand circular saw rental includes a large support handle with an electric brake for safety and ease of operation. A 15-amp motor produces 2,200 rpm, enabling this saw to power through even tough, dried timber. It also includes a convenient depth-control handle, so you can make perfect cuts without having to pre-measure.

With a broad blade stabilizer and premium components, this Makita saw generates consistent rotation and performance to deliver a professional-grade cut every time. 

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DIY projects can be rewarding, but it doesn't always make sense to invest in all the specialized equipment. The same can be said of contracting work that varies from job to job. Buying every tool you need is a good way to end up with an overstuffed garage or an overflowing toolbox, and that's not even considering the expense. With tool rentals, you get the power of professional equipment without the hassle and cost of storing and maintaining it. 

Diamond Rental has grown with Utah's Wasatch Front region, and we're committed to helping you find what you need when you need it. Whether you're looking for a circular saw rental to supplement your contracting equipment or build a backyard fort for your kids, our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you. When you rent from us, you can expect well-maintained equipment that's always ready to tackle your job. 

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