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End-of-Season Yard Equipment Maintenance

Posted 9/21/2020 by Diamond Rental

Clean, Sharpen and Protect Your Garden Tools


Long-term storage leaves garden tools vulnerable to germs, pest and moisture that can cause severe damage or harm your yard. Follow these steps to keep your garden tools safe during the winter:


  • Wash the tools with soap and water
  • Sanitize your garden tools with a commercial disinfectant, bleach or alcohol
  • Sharpen shovels and blades using a flat file
  • Coat wood with linseed oil and metal with WD-40

Winterize Your Lawn Mower or Lawn Tractor


Like heavy equipment, lawn equipment needs regular and end-of-season maintenance to run at top performance. These measures will help you get your lawn mower or tractor winter-ready:


  • Add stabilizer to the fuel tank, then let the engine run until the fuel runs out
  • Replace the paper carburetor air filter or wash the foam filter with soap and water
  • Switch out old oil if you have a four-stroke engine
  • Replace spark plugs according to your operator's manual


Get Your Hedge Trimmer Ready for the Cold


Maximize your return on investment from your gas-powered hedge trimmers by preparing them for off-season storage with these steps:


  • Disconnect the spark plug and clear all intake and exhaust vents
  • Clean all outer surfaces and oil the blades
  • Add fuel stabilizer and let it run through the engine
  • Store the trimmer in a dry, clean area


Keep Your Chainsaw in Winter-Ready Condition


For the best performance and safety, your chainsaw will also need end-of-season upkeep. While following the directions in your owner's manual, take these measures to winterize your chainsaw:


  • Remove the chain and bar, then clean away debris and grime from all parts of the chainsaw
  • Oil the chain, then bundle it in paper or cloth for winter storage
  • Store the chainsaw in a dust-free, dry place


Prepare Your Garden Tiller for Storage


Your gas-powered garden tiller will maintain its condition over the winter when you take care of it in the following ways:


  • Add fuel stabilizer to the tiller and let it distribute throughout the device
  • Disconnect the spark plug and clean every part of the tiller thoroughly
  • Follow the owner's manual directions to store your tiller over the winter properly


Take Care of Your Lawn Edger Before Winter


End-of-season maintenance for lawn edgers involves similar steps as other types of lawn equipment, including:


  • Replace your lawn edger blade once a year
  • Check the belts and air filter and replace as needed
  • Clean all parts of the edger, using an air compressor to get rid of grass and dirt


Let Diamond Rental Handle Your End-of-Season Yard Equipment Maintenance


At Diamond Rental, we repair and maintain equipment in addition to renting it out. We can work with mowers, tractors, trimmers, chainsaws, tillers and edgers to keep all your equipment in shape. Let our shop team take care of routine and end-of-season equipment maintenance.


To learn more about our maintenance and repair services, call us at 888-844-4007 or contact our team online.